“Baby Trump” balloon inflated along Division to protest VP Pence in Spokane

“Baby Trump” balloon inflated along Division to protest VP Pence in Spokane

It was hard to miss as you made your way into downtown Spokane along Division, a 20-foot long depiction of President Trump as a baby on top of a giant balloon missile. The balloon was first made famous in the United Kingdom, when a larger version was flown during President Trump’s visit to the country.

“I think its a great way to get people’s attention,” said anti-Trump protester, Anne Wigham.

Organizers typically fill the balloon with helium, but because of the high winds today, filled it with mostly air so they could control it.

With roughly 150 anti-Trump protesters on one side of the street, there were also a handful of pro-Trump protesters on the opposite.

“I came out today to have a conversation with people,” said pro-Trump protester Jarad Davis. “I think there are a lot of politicians on the Democrat side and the Republican side that aren’t doing any good.”

Many on the anti-Trump side held signs expressing their dislike for the current Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“We are so frustrated with what is going on,” said Wigham. “I am really concerned with where this country is going.”

The balloon was brought to Spokane by Backbone Campaign, which is based on the west side of the state and uses art as a form of activism.

“War is dangerous, that guy (President Trump) is dangerous,” said anti-Trump protester, Jesse Darnell, “this is something that I care about, this is my town.”

The balloon was first inflated at 1 p.m. and was taken down at 5 p.m.