B.A. Clark Park named Diamonds and Dreams winner

SPOKANE, Wash — With baseball season in full swing it’s time for the Extreme Team to clear the dugout for Diamonds and Dreams.

One lucky field will be getting a makeover from the team. Let’s send it over to Mark Peterson for a look.

All right. The time you’ve been waiting for it’s when we reveal who will be the recipient of our Diamonds and Dreams, hometown Chevy, baseball park, beautification, or rebuild, and what this will be is a full tune-up, and we’re going to destroy and bring back. And we are at B. A. Clark Park, and there are two baseball fields here.

And what we’re going to do is take both and we’re going to rebuild them. So one of the things we have to do is in order for softball to be played, we need to take out the infield grass.

We’ll go from about 20% of our users can use this field to about a little over 50%. So it really does make a significant difference and it’ll be way easier to maintain

Well this year, your Diamonds and Dreams, your extreme team are coming in and we’re going to do it. We’re going to be adding bases. There are going to be variable lengths of run paths. Also pitching is going to be variable so that you can have youth baseball and softball played here.

This is going to triple the amount of children that can be playing outside in this COVID-19 age, they’re going to be able to get busy, and that’s what we really want. This is all about getting the kids moving. So we want to congratulate again, B.A. Clark Park for the recipient of this year’s hometown Chevy Diamonds and Dreams with your 4 News Now, Extreme Team.