Avista crews ‘standing by’ for damaging winds, power outages through the evening

Thousands of homes still without power
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SPOKANE, Wash. — Avista Corporation expects several outages and downed power lines from today’s strong, damaging winds—but they have crews standing by to fix them as quickly as possible.

A combination of wet soil, falling rain and strong winds is likely to uproot trees or break branches, which Avista says can bring down power lines.

HIGH WINDS: We’re already starting to see some strong winds. Gusts between 50-65 mph are expected starting tonight and into tomorrow.

Posted by 4 News Now on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The electric company says they are closely following forecasts from the National Weather Service. Their crews have fully fueled and stocked fleet vehicles, warehouses have been supplied, and assessment teams are standing by.

There will likely be no estimated restoration times, Avista warns, due to the winds expected through the evening. Repairs could take over 24 hours in some areas.

FORECAST: 50 mph wind gusts possible over the next few days – Mark