Are you an Avista customer? Your utility rates might be changing

Avista Headquarters
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LACEY, Wash. — Because of adjustments that went into effect last Sunday, Avista rates for electric and gas have changed for customers.

Last week, the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) approved several standard filings that resulted in changes to Avista’s customer rates.

The company’s electric rates are decreasing by 3.83 percent or $3.9 million. For a typical customer using 914 kWh per month, UTC said they can expect to see a decrease of $3.26. This would bring the monthly bill down to $81.07.

Even though electric is going down, natural gas rates are going up by 2.6 percent for a revenue increase of $2.4 million. UTC said a typical customer using 67 therms per month will see an increase of $1.08. That translates to the monthly bill being $58.96.

UTC said these changes primarily come from the lower than expected costs for Avista’s conservation programs, and the differences between the company’s authorized and actual revenues. Last year, the company’s actual revenues were influenced by both warmer than normal winter temperatures, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Avista serves more than 250,000 electric customers and nearly 164,000 natural gas customers in Eastern Washington.