Okla. urges judge to deliver $17.2B verdict in opioid case

In its final filing of a case being watched around the country, the state of Oklahoma implored a judge to deliver a record $17.2 billion verdict against Johnson & Johnson for flooding the state with opioids. It said the drug company created a crisis that killed more than 6,000 Oklahomans, destroyed families and wreaked havoc on communities.

Johnson & Johnson wants Oklahoma opioid case tossed

Drugmaker Johnson & Johnson has asked the judge presiding over the historic Oklahoma opioid trial to toss the case, saying the company has been made a "scapegoat" and blasting the state's effort as a "slew of illogical, legally defective theories far outside the bounds of Oklahoma precedent."

Oklahoma attorney slams Johnson and Johnson witness in opioid trial

Sparks flew in a historic Oklahoma opioid trial on Monday when an attorney for the state grilled a key witness for Johnson & Johnson, demanding to know whether drug companies acted as "snake oil salesmen" in promoting opioids and whether the expert was there to tell the truth.

Lawmakers urge DOJ to investigate generic drug makers

Two top lawmakers urged the US Department of Justice on Thursday to launch a criminal investigation into the nation's generic drug manufacturers to see whether their executives conspired to raise prices at the expense of the American public.

Judge rips insurance company for 'immoral, barbaric' cancer denials

A federal judge blasted UnitedHealthcare last month for its "immoral and barbaric" denials of treatment for cancer patients. He made the comments in recusing himself from hearing a class-action lawsuit because of his own cancer battle -- and in so doing thrust himself into a heated debate in the oncology world.

FDA undercuts $375,000 drug in surprise move

The US Food and Drug Administration created a workaround this week that effectively undercuts the $375,000 price tag of a drug that became the poster child for concerns about the pharmaceutical industry.

Opioid company executives found guilty of racketeering

Five top executives of Insys Therapeutics -- maker of Subsys, a version of the extremely powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl -- were found guilty Thursday on federal racketeering charges for bribing doctors to prescribe the painkiller to people who didn't need it. They were also convicted of defrauding Medicare and private insurance.

HHS secretary rips Big Pharma in policy speech

Vowing to put American patients first, US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Monday blasted the pharmaceutical industry for not doing enough to bring down drug prices and announced what he called "historic action": a proposal requiring drug manufacturers to include the list price of any drug paid for by Medicare or Medicaid in television ads.

Report: Pharma exec had 'moral requirement' to raise price 400%

A pharmaceutical company executive defended his company's recent 400% drug price increase, telling the Financial Times that his company had a "moral requirement to sell the product at the highest price." The head of the US Food and Drug Administration blasted the executive in a response on Twitter.