Author: McKay Allen

Employment Outlook Worries College Students

The economy appears to be backsliding again. After a report last week, which showed home prices in many places still falling, the federal government released a dismal jobs report on Friday.

Lucky Dog Survives Train Hit, Two Days In The Wild

Is it a miracle? Or just one lucky dog? Two Fridays ago Scott Jensen's dogs Annie and Buddy went out to play on the family's property near the Cheney-Spokane road. A few hours passed and Buddy returned. Annie didn't.

News Flash: It's Been A Cold, Soggy Spring in Moses Lake

They call Moses Lake "Washington's Great Escape", but residents couldn't  escape from the cool, wet Spring we've just slogged through in the Inland Northwest.  According to the National Weather Service in Spokane, Moses Lake just wrapped up it's 2nd wettest Spring on record (climatologists use March, April and May as "Spring" for record keeping purposes).  Grant County International Airport reported 3.23" of rain for the three-month period.  It was also the third COOLEST Spring on record in Moses Lake.  Records have been kept at the airport since 1947.

Spring On The Palouse: One Of The Coolest & Wettest

If you have any doubt that it has been unusually cool and wet this Spring on the Palouse, ask ANY local grower.  Or, you can check out these numbers from the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport.  The airport reported its WETTEST Spring (climatologists consider "Spring" the three-month period of March, April & May) since it started keeping records back in 1940.  8.59" of precipitation was measured there.   It was also especially cool, but not record breaking.  It was the 9th coolest Spring at the airport.

Honoring Our Nation's Heroes

The Inland Northwest Honor Flight is once again honoring war veterans by taking them on an all expense paid trip to the nation's capital. This morning, dozens of veterans left Spokane for a three day trip to visit several memorial walls in Washington D.C. To date, the program has sent 300 veterans on the trip of a lifetime.

Nursery Keeps Lands Green

One of the largest forests in the Inland Northwest is growing Indoors.  More than one million trees are under one roof alone at the US Forest Service's Coeur d'Alene Nursery.    The Nursery grows tree, shrub and grass seedlings for national forests in North Idaho, Montana and North Dakota.  "We lose trees in the forest from fire, insect, disease and harvest," Nursery Superintendent Joe Myers said.   "We want to reestablish that vegetation."  The Coeur d'Alene Nursery has supplied more than 700 million seedlings in the past 50 years.  Trees are grown for reforestation projects in places like Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.  Seedlings cannot be purchased by the public and are grown for federal lands.  Plants are grown indoors in 23 greenhouses and outdoors on the 240 acre facility west of Coeur d'Alene.  One greenhouse is kept at a constant 70-degrees and grows tree seedlings in six to eight months that would take two to three years if planted outside.

How Legitimate Are For Profit Schools?

160 Alpine College students got a few more answers Tuesday about what will happen to their tuition money after the school closed without warning on Monday. But some students have a more pressing question now: How legitimate are for-profit schools like Alpine College?

Is It The End Of The World As We Know It?

The end of the world is Saturday, according to California minister Harold Camping, who says his calculations, based on an intricate Biblical timeline, tells him that May 21, 2011 is the day the world comes to a screeching halt.

Floodwaters Receding In Chewelah

After a pretty wild night in Chewelah, where the floodwaters rose and shut down Highway 395 for several hours, the waters are now receding and things, in some areas of town, are getting back to normal.

Local High School Students Win Scholarships

Five local high school students won scholarships from Banner Bank and the Spokane Indians.  Each of the five students received a $500 scholarship to use towards their college tuition.  The scholarship-winning students are:  Victoria Karschney (Joel E. Ferris High School), Haleigh Miller (Central Valley High School), Anh Phan (West Valley High School), Courtney Robbins (Deer Park High School) and Hope Wagner (East Valley High School),

WSU Asks for Tuition Input

The Washington State Legislature passed a bill to allow the governing boards of the state's public universities to set their own tuition. Washington State University President Elson S. Floyd asked the provost and regional campus chancellors to come up with tuition recommendations for each of WSU's four campuses. Floyd is expected to release a tuition recommendation May 24. WSU will gather community feedback until the end of the month. Read more in the president's

One dead in crash near Mirror Lake

One person has been killed in a collision with a train this morning near the Mirror Lake Golf Course in Bonners Ferry.The Idaho State Police reports that 77-year-old Richard Kelson was pulling his 2002 Volkswagen Jetta out of his tree farm nursery at a private railroad crossing when his vehicle was struck by a northbound Burlington Northern Santa Fe train. An investigation into the crash is underway.

Flooding Hits Chewelah Area

As many anticipated last week, Chewelah is dealing with rising waters as it was hit with a one-two punch of creeks flush with late-spring runoff and several days of rain. 

Marvelous Morels

There's a treasure waiting in the moist forests of the Inland Northwest and this spring's rain is creating the perfect opportunity to go mushroom hunting. Spurred by the warm temperatures last Thursday and Friday, morel mushrooms have been popping up out of the ground.

Tales from the Scanner: Maniacal Laughter

Woman calls Asotin County Sheriff Department wanting to speak to a deputy about how to get her granddaughter and her boyfriend and son to move out of her apartment. She's asked and told them to leave several times, but they just laugh at her.

81st Brigade Receives "Notice of Sourcing"

The 81st Brigade Combat Team has received a "Notice of Sourcing" from the Department of Defense that it may be deployed overseas at some point in the future.The public affairs office for the Washington Army National Guard at Camp Murray clarified that a Notice of Sourcing is neither a Mobilization or Alert Order, but rather that the brigade is being considered for a future mission.If the 81st Brigade Combat Team is called up, the DoD would follow-up the Notice of Sourcing with an official Alert Order, followed by the Mobilization Order.

New Concert Series at Manito Park

If you find yourself wandering through Manito Park this year, you may notice the sound of music resonating near the Mirror Pond and the Duncan Garden. June 3rd is the series kick off summer preview to the Manito Park Bench Cafe live music series featuring diverse musical acts. It's a free, all-ages event that will feature beer and wine. The concerts will run from 5:30-7:30 p.m.The preview will feature musical acts, Michael & Kelleren Millham, the Trailer Park Girls and Just Plain Darin. In the weeks following, musical acts will consist of Donnie & Nancy Emerson, Paul Grove, Union Street and Maxie Ray Mills.