What makes monopoly in age of Amazon?

It's not often that a government agency decides to do a wholesale rethink of how to do its job. But that's what's happening at the Federal Trade Commission.

Jeff Bezos: Trump should welcome media scrutiny

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who typically tries to stay out of the political fray, mounted a vigorous defense of press freedom on Thursday evening, saying President Donald Trump should be glad to face media scrutiny.

Amazon is now worth $1 trillion

Amazon's total market value passed $1 trillion on Tuesday, following Apple's ascent into 13-digit territory at the beginning of August.

Even in the gig economy, women earn less than men

There have been a lot of headlines about the gender wage gap among full-time wage and salary workers. Researchers have found that pay disparities persist due to a combination of women working in lower-paid occupations, taking time off to have kids and discrimination.

Biden has ideas on how to fix income inequality in America

Former vice president Joe Biden is worried about the hollowing out of the middle class, income inequality and the lack of opportunity that Donald Trump tapped into to win the White House — and he has some ideas on how to make things better.