Some vape store owners are suing

New York and Massachusetts officials are grappling with the economic effects of the vaping ban this week, facing lawsuits from local vape shop owners who say the ban will close their stores.

NYFD rejects Navy SEAL for being too old

A 37-year-old US Navy SEAL who's served four combat tours was rejected by the New York City Fire Department for being too old. Now other fire departments across the country have reached out to let him know he's welcome elsewhere.

Trump reports his golf income dropped since taking office

Though President Trump frequents his own Trump-branded golf courses regularly, taking foreign leaders onto the green and to the clubs for meals, the golf courses made him less money in his first year as President than before he took office.

States band together to take action on gun violence

Saying that states can't wait for the federal government to tighten gun control legislation, the governors of Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island announced the formation of a partnership to combat gun violence.

Get fit like Ruth Bader Ginsburg

An 84-year-old Supreme Court justice is not your typical inspiration for fitness goals. But with a book out in October, Ruth Bader Ginsburg fans and fitness buffs can learn her workout tricks.