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King County man arrested in FBI raid on extremist hate group

A King County man is one of four suspected extremists around the nation who were arrested and charged Wednesday in connection with a racially motivated conspiracy to threaten and intimidate journalists and activists, including a Seattle-based TV reporter, officials said.

Thunder could be heard soon

Lots of events will be keeping an eye to the sky this weekend with the threat of thunder showers starting later Friday. The timing will be the trick as the air is very dry and needs to load up with moisture coming in from the south. Dry lightning will start then rain with the thunder storms Saturday night into Sunday Night. T-showers to start with increased day activity Sunday seems to be the timing right now. Highs will be low 90's.

WDFW investigating four people for poaching

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating an apparent case of poaching near Anatone last night. Public Information Officer Madonna Luers says the case involves four subjects and no charges have been filed yet. "At this point I can confirm that the investigation started last night when an Anatone area landowner heard shooting, saw a truck with a deer in the back, and called authorities," she says. With assistance from Asotin County Sheriff's Deputies and the Asotin Police Department, the male subjects were detained at the Asotin Market. According to Asotin Police Officer Bill Guinn, it is believed that the subjects came down George Creek and dumped the carcass before they got into town. He says the subjects, who ranged in age from a teenager to approximately 25 years of age, pulled into the Asotin Market in a white pickup and went into the store. One of them left the store and casually walked away, but was located about four or five blocks away.After interviewing the subjects, they admitted to shooting a three to four-point buck and disposing of it about three miles up George Creek. It is unknown at this time if WDFW officers have recovered it. Guinn says all four subjects had blood on their clothing and shoes, and there was blood in the back of the pickup. The investigation is continuing. 

Bicycle camp helps disabled children lose the training wheels

For most kids, learning to ride a two wheel bike is right of passage, but for children with disabilities it's a landmark that is often not reached. One Spokane mom is working to change that and has brought a national bike riding program for kids with special needs to our city. The program is called iCan Shine and it's all about teaching children with disabilities that they can indeed master difficult tasks, even one as difficult as riding a bike without training wheels. Casey Traver has been trying to get her 13-year-old daughter into the Seattle camp for several years.

Seattle woman set to marry warehouse undeterred by demolition work

Bruised or not, she says she'll marry her beloved building as planned come Sunday. Babylonia Aivaz's bride-to-be is a 107-year-old warehouse that sits at 10th and Union in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. She has been planning to enter into what she described as "a gay marriage" with the building.

Fresh Scratches, Bite Marks Found On Suspected Murderer

When a prison nurse examined suspected murderer Byron Scherf, she found evidence of struggle. Scherf, a three-strikes convict, was examined at Monroe Correctional Complex after correctional officer Jayme Biendl was found dead inside the prison chapel on Saturday.

CWU On High Alert After Woman Assaulted Outside Dorm

The police chief at Central Washington University has been on campus for thirty years and said he can't remember the last time there was a stranger attack. But that's apparently just what happened within feet of two dorms.