Author: Ian Cull

Are lawmakers looking to end the war on cannabis?

Lawmakers in Congress voted to restrict DEA funding so that the feds wouldn't go after medical marijuana operations in states where it's legal. It's one of the first signs U.S. lawmakers are looking to end the war on cannabis.

Trio arrested for 2013 murder

Three people have been arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail on charges of 1st degree murder for the April 2013 killing of Mark Broadwater.

Demand for downtown housing running high

Developers are spending millions to bring homes to downtown Spokane and people are buying them up. Developers say young professionals are moving to downtown for the nightlife, and Baby Boomers are moving to feel young again.

Hazmat crew finds drug lab in South Hill home

A South Hill medical call for six people unconscious inside a home revealed one confused man and a drug lab. Fire crews responded to a home near the intersection of 38th Avenue and S. Cook Street Monday at 2:45 p.m.

City considering ordinance to regulate food trucks

A new ordinance proposed at Monday night's Spokane City Council meeting would regulate cooking on street corners. It's a plan to give food trucks some guidance but not everyone serving out of a window is happy.

Lake Roosevelt drawdown leaves Gifford ferry high and dry

The towns of Inchelium and Hunters, two communities divided not by ideas but by a small ferry crossing across Lake Roosevelt, are even farther apart now the Bonneville Power Administration has drawn down the lake, leaving the Gifford Ferry and everyone who depends on it high and dry.

Do you need a Lyft?

A new kind of taxi, the ride-sharing company "Lyft", is making it's way across the country and has made a stop in Spokane.