FEMA nominee says he doesn't know what causes climate change

The Trump administration's nominee to lead the Federal Emergency Management Agency repeatedly said Thursday he doesn't know the reasons behind climate change, despite his agency often being in the position of responding to the crisis' impacts.

Boeing CEO admits design issues with 737 MAX

After a contentious hearing where Boeing admitted mistakes and missed red flags about the safety of its 737 MAX jet, a mother whose daughter died in one of the crashes confronted CEO Dennis Muilenburg.

USDA gives employees more time for move

The Department of Agriculture has agreed to give some employees more time to decide whether they will be relocated from Washington to Kansas City or lose their jobs, according to the union representing them.

Why does Trump want citizenship question on the census?

President Donald Trump's fight to add a question about citizenship on the 2020 census means the government is preparing to take another shot at answering what should be a straightforward question: Why does it want to ask about citizenship in the first place?

TSA says biometric identification won't be mandatory

The Transportation Security Administration said Thursday that it has no plans to make biometric identity-verification mandatory, although the agency continues to study and pilot different technologies to make passenger screening more efficient.

Census Bureau starts testing citizenship question

The Census Bureau is starting a test to help determine how much the controversial citizenship question would affect its task of counting the US population next year as it awaits a Supreme Court ruling about whether it can be used.

EPA administrator suggests collusion between media, Sierra Club

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is ratcheting up a criticism of the news media first delivered earlier this week, musing before a panel of scientists that reporters and an environmental group were "colluding" and misrepresenting his comments "for fundraising purposes."