Author: Erik Loney

Vandals hit North Spokane church

Members of the Mountain View Assembly of God church spent Monday morning trying to clean up hate speech and pornographic images, left behind on their church overnight.

SNAP loan program helping families avoid foreclosure

Thousands of properties in Spokane County face foreclosure because of delinquent sewer and property tax bills but now there's more help for people who can't pay that could keep thousands of families in their homes.

Monday FedEx's busiest shipping day of the year

FedEx predicts Monday was the busiest day in its history as more than 19 million packages were scheduled for delivery to homes and businesses around the country and FedEx delivered a lot of them.

Former Spokane officer faces sentencing

Convicted Former Spokane police officer, Karl Thompson, will be sentenced in a federal courtroom Thursday morning. He faces up to 10 years in prison for his role in the death of Otto Zehm six years ago and for lying to investigators.

Latest trail victim calls McGill the real hero

A woman whose attack last week helped Spokane Police catch a suspected killer says murder victim Sharlotte McGill is a hero, because she gave a description of her attacker in her last breaths.