DNC raises polling and donor thresholds for November debate

The Democratic National Committee on Monday announced higher polling and donor thresholds to qualify for the party's 2020 presidential primary debates -- changes that could soon reduce the number of candidates on stage and, in turn, effectively winnow the field.

Biden slams critics of working with GOP

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday forcefully pushed back against criticism that he is naïve to think Democrats can work with Republicans in Congress after President Donald Trump leaves office.

Trump's family separation policy has GOP panicking about 2018

Just five months before the midterm elections, Republicans are scrambling to distance themselves from the Trump administration's widely panned "zero tolerance" immigration policy that has resulted in the separation of children from their families at the southern border.

Dems fret Ohio decision could lead more states to purge voter rolls

Democrats say they fear the Supreme Court's decision to allow Ohio's aggressive purge of its voter rolls will lead to similar moves in other states -- potentially keeping people who might be motivated to turn out and vote against President Donald Trump away from the polls.

6 takeaways from the biggest primary night of 2018

In California, Democrats are hopeful they've avoided the potential nightmare of being locked out of winnable House races due to the state's unique primary system that allows the top two candidates of any party to advance.