Author: Brian Belanger

Unique Visitor To Manito Park

A "Big Cranky" was spotted at Manito park on the south hill this afternoon. More commonly referred to as the or has made a unscheduled visit to the duck pond at Manito park. The pond is usually home to ducks, seagulls and swans. How long the giant bird plans to stick around is anyone's guess.

Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Donation

The American Red Cross accepted a check from Sterling Savings Bank for their Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Some 700 plus employees from 178 branches in the the northwest raised the money through the company's Jeans for Charity. Sterling bank allowed any employees who made a donation to the cause to wear jeans to work on Friday, March 18th. Sterling would like to encourage other business to consider implementing similar programs to help those that have been effect by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.