Holiday gifts that give back

In 2019, Impact Your World told you about dozens of people and nonprofits making a difference in their communities -- from those fighting to stop rainforest loss and bird extinction to setting up safe spaces for sex-trafficking victims.

Here's how you can help California's wildfire victims

California's wildfires forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes as firefighters battled historically dire conditions. While families scrambled to find shelter, several funds were set up to help evacuees deal with the anticipated damage they'll face when they return to their homes and businesses.

Black men make up only 2% of US teachers

Kyle Fersner entered his senior year of high school knowing what he wanted to do for a living -- become a psychiatrist. But earlier this year, a fifth grade boy said something to the 18-year-old that changed his mind. Fersner wants to be a teacher now.

Sunday is Friendship Day

Hallmark established Friendship Day in 1919 as the first Sunday in August. It was probably an attempt to sell more greeting cards, but there is real societal value in celebrating friends -- especially during these partisan times when we seem to be finding more enemies.

Why you should learn Mental Health First Aid

One in five adults in the US lives with a mental health problem according to the National Institute of Mental Health, but most don't seek out professional help. That's where Mental Health First Aid - an eight-hour workshop - hopes to fill the gap.

Gift in book sets off chain of random acts of kindness

Ashley Jost and her friends had just made a pledge to read more books. A week later, a self-help book caught her eye while shopping at a Target in Columbia, Missouri. The 27-year-old bought the book, "Girl, Stop Apologizing," and began reading it when she got home. There was a surprise waiting for her inside.

Fighting IBS with behavioral therapy

Kevin Yu thinks back on the terrible year his stomach held him "prisoner." There was constant pain, the incessant urge to use the bathroom from the moment he woke up until he went to bed.