Author: Alyssa Donovan

Lack of VA funding puts vet's care in jeopardy

A local home care agency claims the VA is not paying for veterans they are providing medical care for, and it could force at least one veteran to lose his independence, one of the very freedoms he fought for.

Low voter turnout projected in Spokane County

There's not much time left to get your ballot dropped off or postmarked in Washington for Tuesday's mid-term election. While there are several big races and key issues on the ballot very few people have voted in the Spokane area so far.

City looking for voter support to fill more potholes

Are you sick of potholes and Spokane streets in disrepair? Next Tuesday you can let the city know with your vote, as a yes vote for a new street levy on the ballot would provide more money for improvements without affecting your wallet.

Downtown police precinct helping curb crime

For the first time in nearly five years crime has significantly decreased in downtown Spokane, and local business owners are saying the Spokane Police Department's downtown precinct is making a difference.

Teen arson suspect to be charged as juvenile

A teenager suspected of setting more than a dozen fires in Spokane Valley will be prosecuted as a juvenile, not an adult, with prosecutors agreeing that even though the teen is facing a pair of first degree arson charges, he should still stand trial as a 16-year-old.

Parents, students frustrated with common core standards

School has been in session for less than a month and already parents are butting heads with their kids over their homework, the new curriculum used to meet common core state standards causing stress, tears and tantrums at home as parents try to help their kids complete their assignments.

Spokane County Interstate Fair kicks off

The gates opened at the Spokane County Interstate Fair Friday, filled with rides, live entertainment and food, and for those in the agriculture this is actually a very important week.

Splashdown happy with the summer heat

Temperatures may be below average now, but the last two months have brought record breaking heat to Spokane. While you may have been ready for a cool down several weeks ago some businesses were grateful for the heatwave.