Author: Allie Norton

Spokane Gives a month to clean up community

April marks the beginning of a 30-day event to better the surrounding Spokane community and on Tuesday a group of volunteers kicked off "Spokane Gives Month" by cleaning up High Bridge Park.

Police hosting survival class for women

Spokane police is once again offering their "Enhancing The Survival Mindset Class" for women in the community, which helps women learn everything from how to get away from an attacker to what items in their purse could be used as deterrents.

Moose euthanized at North Idaho gas station

A wild animal that had taken up residency at a North Idaho gas station had to be euthanized Tuesday night as officials with Idaho Fish and Game said that a yearling moose in poor health posed a risk to the Kingston community.

Spokane city leaders getting 44-percent pay bump

Right now, Spokane City Council members make just over $31,000 but after the city's salary commission decided to give them a 44-percent raise, they'll be earning $45,100 come January 1 unless residents try to halt the pay hike.

Lucky Leaf opens in Commercial Building

An unlikely business hopes to bring life back to a rundown street on the west side of downtown Spokane. Lucky Leaf opened their doors on Monday in the Commercial Building on First Avenue.

Morgenstern seeks new trial over juror actions

Craig Morgenstern, the former VA doctor convicted of drugging and sexually abusing young boys, wants a second chance with a new jury, his attorney asking for a new trial because of the actions of some jurors during the presentation of evidence.

Warm weather bringing out the trail head thieves

Warmer weather is right around the corner and with that the Spokane County Sheriff's Office is sending out a warning this is the time of year that law enforcement sees a rise in property crime, specifically car prowling at trail heads.

Priest Lake mother knows firsthand about Kyle Odom's struggle

The unraveling story about the shooting of Pastor Tim Remington Sunday has no doubt sparked a series of conversations including topics on mental illness. One Priest River mother felt compelled to tell her story in the hope that shooting suspect Kyle Odom will get the help he needs.

Odom's Martian writings a sign of severe mental illness

Kyle Odom's Martian manifesto, claiming aliens control the planet from subterranean bases on Earth and the Moon reads like a piece of science fiction, but a trained psychologist it reads more like the writings of someone with severe mental illness.