Aspen Dental’s office on wheels serves Spokane veterans

Aspen Dental’s office on wheels serves Spokane veterans

Spokane veterans got some free dental care thanks to a dentist office on wheels that’s traveling across the country.

Aspen Dental’s 42-foot-long MouthMobile connects local dentists with veterans so they can get the dental treatment they need at no cost. Veterans are only eligible for dental coverage with the federal Veterans Administration if they were a prisoner of war, are completely disabled, or if they had a service-related mouth injury.

Aspen Dental aimed to serve more than three dozens veterans during their stop in Spokane Thursday. Therapy dogs were also there for some puppy love.

Doctor Sheena Wood is a dental surgeon at the Aspen Dental office in Coeur d’Alene who volunteered at the event. She said the Healthy Mouth Movement is about serving those that have served this country.

“People are in pain and they’re making due with what they have, whether it’s because of financing, whether it’s because they’re not physically able to get into an office to receive care. [We want to let] them know that there are resources available and that there are dentists here in town that are willing and able to help,” Wood said.

Veterans also learned about other resources available to them locally and long after the MouthMobile rolls out of town.

Aspen Dental will host a day of service in June where veterans can go to local offices for free care. Details about that event will be released in early May.