Asotin Co. approved for Phase 2 reopening plan

Washington Department Of Health

CAMP MURRAY, Wash. — Asotin County has been approved to move to Phase 2 of Washington’s “Safe Start” reopening plan.

The county submitted a variance application, which was approved by State Secretary of Health John Wiesman. Asotin now joins 10 other counties approved for a fast-tracking to Phase 2.

Once accepted for variance, counties must wait for guidance from the state on their industry, to keep people safe. They must also comply with all state health and safety guidelines, too.

The State Department of Health says that, to apply for variance, counties must have less than 75,000 people and no new cases of COVID-19 for at least three weeks, and the decision must be supported by local health officers, the local health board, local hospitals, and the county commission.

Applications need to include plans for hospital capacity, testing accessibility, PPE supply, contact tracing, isolation, case management and further emergency response.

The Secretary of Health reviews the applications, and can even revoke variance if circumstances change in the county in question.