Ashton Miller, Eastern’s healthy offensive line looks for big things in 2012

Eagles win 52-51 thriller over Bobcats

Leading the way for 152 rushing yards and not allowing a sack against Idaho, the Eastern’s offensive line proved what a difference a year can make, especially for starting center Ashton Miller.

“To me he’s a very talented football player with a huge upside, ” said Eagles head coach Beau Baldwin.

“I mean being a center is the focal point to anybody’s offensive line, ” said offensive coordinator Aaron Best.

After tearing his Achilles in the first half of last season’s opener, there was some question whether or not the 6’2, 300-pounder would even play again.

“Any injury that’s got some longevity to it is a hard pill to swallow, ” added Best.

“You know you hear that a lot, like it’s one of the hardest injuries to come back from”, added Miller. “It might not happen how you want it to happen, but you just have to keep a positive mindset.”

One year later, Miller’s work ethic has him anchoring a vital part of the Eagles potent offense.

“He just worked really hard in rehab, I mean that’s a tough injury to come back from”, said Baldwin. “I don’t care if it’s a year out, it’s still a tough one to come back from.”

“I just got to keep my eye on the prize,” Miller said. “I got to know what I’m headed for and why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Ashton Miller, Eastern’s healthy offensive line looks for big things in 2012

The silver lining to last year’s string of misfortune? Eastern’s o-line might be better than ever.

“In the time I’ve had the chance to be at Eastern Washington, I don’t know that there’s been a better two deep,” added Best. “The injuries, in a weird way, kind of helped that to be where we are now.”

Which is off to a great start to the 2012 season.