Arson arrest ended Kevin Ellison’s football career

Arson arrest ended Kevin Ellison’s football career

The Spokane Shock will hit the field Saturday night in their quest for a spot in the AFL playoffs but they’ll be one player short since defensive back Kevin Ellison will be in jail facing arson charges stemming from an apartment fire in Liberty Lake.

Ellison told his coach God told him to do it but he had also been showing odd behavior just days before the Thursday morning fire.

Spokane Shock owner Brady Nelson said Ellison started showing signs of odd behavior at practice Monday and continued to escalate throughout the week.

The night before the fire, Nelson said Ellison was sending texts to multiple players quoting scripture and signing them “I am Jesus Christ.”

“This just caught everyone off guard, our players are shocked, no one knew that he would do something like this,” Nelson said.

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But Ellison admitted he did start the fire, and that he started it because God told him to do it.

“He had morphed into that he was Jesus and this was uh, potentially part of the second coming,” Nelson explained.

To say that Nelson was surprised is an understatement; nothing can prepare you for this.

“We’ve been incredibly impressed with Kevin; I mean just really pleased with his play, his attitude, the guys really like him.”

Nelson said Ellison had only been with the Shock for six weeks and had been a perfect fit for the team until Monday.

“He was just acting very strange and the next day at practice he was an hour and a half late, has never been late before, he’s always early, and at practice he was just kinda not doing the drills, not, just kind of walking around,” he said.

By Wednesday night, Nelson said Ellison was sending text messages to other players quoting scripture and signing them as Jesus.

Then at 5:30 Thursday morning Ellison told investigators God told him to set his mattress on fire with a blunt.

“He’s off the team, unfortunately he’ll never, I mean, for one we would cut anyone who would do that, you can’t do that, it’s a federal crime,” Nelson said.

It was a career-ending move for a 25-year-old who had already made it to the NFL, having played briefly with the Chargers after being drafted by the team in 2009.

“He put people in danger and I just … he’s not in his right mind right now and uh his career with us and the Arena Football League is over but I hope that he can get healthy,” Nelson said.

Despite moving up to the NFL at such a young age Ellison has had a troubled past.
After being drafted by the Chargers he was let go after one season. He was signed to the Denver Broncos but released a month after being arrested for having vicodin he didn’t have a prescription for.

He was then signed to the Seahawks but released when he couldn’t pass the team’s physical tests.