Arne Woodard Appointed By Spokane Valley City Council

Arne Woodard was appointed by the Spokane Valley City Council on Tuesday evening to fill the vacancy in Council position #3 that resulted from the resignation of former Councilmember Rose Dempsey.

A native of Spokane Valley, Woodard is a real estate broker and owner of Woodard Properties and Investment, Inc. He has served on the Spokane Valley Planning Commission since 2010, and is actively involved in numerous local community and professional organizations. Woodard will serve on the Council until a candidate selected by voters in the coming November election can be certified.

The process for filling the vacancy in position #5 (formerly held by the late Bob McCaslin) is currently under way, with applications due to the City Clerk no later than 4:00pm on Tuesday, April 19. Applicants not selected for position #3 who want to be considered for the vacancy in position #5 won’t need to submit new applications, but must provide written and signed notification to the City Clerk no later than the application deadline above.

Applications for appointment to fill the interim vacancy in position #5 and instructions for submittal can be found on the City’s website at, by calling 720-5102, or by sending an email to City Clerk Chris Bainbridge at

Information on the November election is available on the Spokane County website at by selecting the “Elections” link on the “County Index” web page.