Army of volunteers setting stage for Hoopfest

Army of volunteers setting stage for Hoopfest

Hoopfest Center Court

With Hoopfest less than two days away, crews are working long hours to get everything in place for this weekend’s three-on-three basketball tournament.

Crews Thursday morning were hustling to put the finishing touches on Nike Center Court; the real work however starts Friday 42 city blocks downtown will be taken over as an army of more than 3,000 volunteers work to put up more than 450 basketball courts across downtown Spokane.

“We started last Sunday and there are people setting up this whole week,” Therese Vansoest said.

Vansoest is directing the work her 4H group is doing at Nike Center Court, helping to set the stage for this weekend’s three-on-three basketball tourney.

“We’re putting placemats down for the turf or the sport court and so what I do is I count and make sure everybody stays in line and make sure all the tacks are in so when the ball bounces it doesn’t go flat,” she explained.

This is just one of so many volunteer groups that are happy to lend a hand.

“We’ll be done today; everybody has still got to set up the shirts and they have a bunch of tents to set up so our main job is done today but everybody else has a ton of stuff to set up,” Vansoest said.

Hoopfest and the City of Spokane can’t thank these people enough as without them the show would most certainly not go on.

All courts will be in place by 7 p.m. Friday but by 7 p.m. Sunday you probably won’t be able to tell there was a major event downtown.