Areas Of Spokane Falls Low Due To Avista Projects

Construction work near Riverfront Park has some of the Spokane Falls looking pretty dry. Avista Utilities is working on four different projects on the Spokane River.

One of the most visible projects is the aesthetic flow project. the north fork of the river is normally this dry this time of year, but this year it is extra dry because they have the water cut off so crews can work on the flow.

That flow will release about 300 cubic feet of water per second into the north and south falls. That extra water will help make the river look fuller and cover more rock during the typically dry summer months.

Other projects include construction on a viewing platform on the east end of Havermale Island and renovation work to the Upper Falls Control Works Dam.

“Those are the large gates on the north side of the dam and we’re going to take and really do some major maintenance on them, repair trusses, sand blast and then repaint them,” Avista’s Speed Fitzhugh said.

The fourth project will be the dredging of Monroe Street Dam to remove debris and rock piled up during the high water season. Officials say the aesthetic flow construction will blend naturally into the existing rock.

This project is scheduled to wrap up by the end of September meaning the water will be flowing constantly even during the summer.