Are you ready for a Keurig that makes cocktails?

Yes, with booze
Are you ready for a Keurig that makes cocktails?

Keurig has something new. Yesterday the company went public with the Drinkworks Home Bar. It looks like a Keurig coffee machine, but it makes instant cocktails- with alcohol.

According to Keurig, they’re teaming up with Anheuser-Busch InBev, to make 24 different kinds of alcoholic drinks including beer, cider, and over a dozen mixed drinks, drinks like Old Fashioneds, Cosmopolitans, Margaritas, Moscow Mules, Mojitos, Red Sangria, White Russians, White Wine Peach Sangria, Lime Vodka Sodas, and Gin and Tonics.

The pods are “pre-programmed” so you can’t really change the flavors.

A Drinkworks Home Bar will reportedly sell for $299, which is about the same price as a standard Keurig. The company thinks the real savings though is in the pods, which cost $3.99 for cocktails and $2.25 each for brews.

Keurig is rolling out Drinkworks in St. Louis, MO, this week. You should see it in your hometown next year. Salud!

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