Appointment frustrations grow as Spokane Arena navigates opening week of vaccine site

SPOKANE, Wash. — Many families across the Inland Northwest were up Wednesday morning to get registered for the COVID-19 vaccine at the Spokane Arena.

While many did secure their vaccine, those efforts didn’t pay off for everyone. Some lost appointments altogether, while others ended up with much more than they asked for.

Despite an overall improvement at the arena on Thursday, frustration with the registration process continues.

Amy Warren says, as soon as her husband was able to nail down his own appointment, he tried to get her registered.

“Later that day, he got a confirmation email, and I didn’t,” said Warren. “So, we called, and they said, ‘Sorry, well it must not have worked or gone through’.”

Meanwhile, Douglas Boe, who was also on the computer right as the clock hit 9 a.m., ended up with four appointments.

“When I went to check my confirmation with the CHAS website, it told me that I had four appointments,” said Boe.

Now, he’s just hoping none of these four vaccine doses are wasted.

“My concern is that the CHAS program thinks they have four times as many people showing up to get their shots and that they’re going have a lot of wasted vaccines,” said Boe.

Warren is concerned about more than her own health.

“My biggest concern is we’ve got a kiddo, we’re the only family of his left, that we’re the guardians,” said Warren. “If anything were to happen to the both of us, he’d end up back in a foster home.” Outside of the opportunity to get vaccinated at the arena, she’s on every wait list she could find.

For her husband, Mike Warren, who had a confirmed appointment on Thursday, the process was seamless. He says, “I was afraid all the lines and cars and figured with appointments, why is there all these lines? So, we got here really early, and there’s no lines. Luckily, I was able to get in and get done.”

The vaccine schedule at the Spokane Arena is full for the week but they will open registration back up on Monday, February 1.

If you already have an appointment, you can confirm it by visiting the MyCarePlan website, and logging in with the same username and password you used to create your original appointment.

CHAS says confirmed appointments will show a date and time for vaccination. If you believe you have a confirmed appointment, but it’s not showing up, call CHAS Health at (509) 444-8200 to confirm it.

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