Apartment fire sends one to hospital with burns

Apartment fire sends one to hospital with burns

The Spokane Fire Department responded to a fire at Lincoln and Augusta around 2:45 P.M. on Friday, after flames were reported to be coming from the front room.

The building’s fire system had been malfunctioning recently, so residents thought it was another false alarm.

“Dispatch reported there were people in the structure, but they were failing to come out,” said Spokane Fire Battalion Chief Joel Fielder.

Crews had to sweep the building and escort residents outside.

“Our crews have come here several times over the last month, and naturally they just think it’s another false alarm so they stay in the structure, and that’s just our biggest concern,” said Fielder.

One person was transported to a local hospital with burns and smoke inhalation.

Fielder says there are some easy ways to make sure you have a fire free 2015.

“They key for us, as far as getting on scene in a timely manner is early detection, and you get from smoke detectors,” said Fielder.

He recommends a photo electric smoke detector, which can identify a fire far faster than an ionization unit.

“Check the batteries once a year, we usually do it when you change your clocks.”

Fielder also said you should have your appliances checked on an annual basis.

“Have somebody come take a look at your furnace once a year. If it’s a chimney, have your chimney cleaned once a year. Have the flues checked. Make sure there’s no lose connections anywhere.”

Finally, be cautious when using space heaters.

“You need to keep at least a three-foot clearance around them, as far as combustibles go. Don’t leave them unattended. Plug them into a hard wire. Don’t run them off extension cords, and if you leave the room, turn the thing off,” said Fielder.