‘Anxiety craves stability’: How you can reduce stress during the spread of COVID-19

SPOKANE, Wash. – Maintaining your mental health through this pandemic is important. We know it’s not that easy, because there is new information about the virus everyday, along with new rules.

The feelings of anxiety and depression could be heightened as the spread of the novel coronavirus widens.

Everyday life has changed.

All of a sudden, your kids are learning at home rather than in school. The changes with this pandemic could be overwhelming.

“This can cause a lot of stress, isolation and especially in adults depression,” said Dr. Kamal Floura, the medical director for Inland Northwest Behavioral Health.

Just like trying to flatten the curve on the pandemic, there are ways you to get ahead  and maintain your mental health.

“Anxiety craves stability. With life, the only constant is change, therefore, moving toward acceptance in this situation, which we are in now, will reduce our overall anxiety,” he said.

One way is to figure out what makes you stressed and anxious, then distance yourself from that.

“Focus on things you know, for example, the virus is not lethal for everyone,” he said.

Practicing good hygiene and social distancing will help lessen the spread of the coronavirus.

Floura said to also know where you are getting verified information. Seeing unverified posts on Facebook could make your stress and anxiety worse.

Also, find other ways to keep busy, like go out and enjoy the sun, or video chat with friends and family.

Kids can also pick up on how you are feeling. They know about what’s going on, too, and they can also feel anxious.

“This is one time that adults need to start be active listener and recognizing their feelings makes them feel that adults are hearing them,” Floura said.

One way of knowing whether or not you need help is if your stress and anxiety are bad enough that you can’t function at home.

There are several resources in Spokane where you can get help: Inland Northwest Behavioral Health, CHAS Health and Frontier Behavioral Health.

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