Anti-inflammatory mini meal menu

Included are healthy mini meal ideas based on the anti-inflammatory diet approach. The idea is to consistently consume a balanced diet that maximizes vitamin and mineral intake from food every 3 hours or so. This promotes blood sugar stabilization and provides your body with nutrients needed to fuel the immune system, maintain lean body mass, and provide energy supporting more active lifestyle. Start with breakfast within one hour of waking and remember to drink fluids continuously throughout the day.

Oatmeal with walnuts, fresh or dried fruit, cinnamon, ground flax and honey
Eggs/tofu scramble with veggies, cooked in coconut oil- add turmeric
Smoothie with leafy greens, fruit, flax seed, and whey protein isolate
Greek yogurt with fruit and cinnamon
Avocado or nut butter spread on whole wheat toast, side of fruit sprinkled with cinnamon
Huevos Rancheros- eggs cooked in coconut oil and turmeric, black beans, fresh salsa, avocado, small tortillas
Potato hash with sauteed veggies cooked in coconut oil

Mid morning Snack:
Kind bar, bounce ball energy bar, or minimally processed protein bar
Apple with nut butter, all natural variety
Cottage cheese and pineapple
Yogurt and granola with cinnamon
High protein/low sugar cereal and milk
Lentil and vegetable soup with turmeric
Mashed chickpea and avocado sandwich topped with greens on whole grain bread
Grilled or Baked Salmon over salad with olive oil based dressing
Hummus and vegetable pita
Caprese salad (basil, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, and tomato)
Chicken and wild rice soup
Italian style pasta salad

Afternoon Snack:
Veggies and hummus
Roasted chickpeas- sprinkle with turmeric, cumin, and salt for savory flavor or cinnamon and sugar for sweet flavor
Edamame with sea salt
Apple and cheese slices
Smoked salmon and crackers
Miso soup
Celery and peanut butter or nut butter of choice

Seared tuna (cook through) tacos with cabbage, avocado, and mango salsa
Pasta al dente tossed in olive oil or pesto and sauteed veggies
Vegetable shish kabob and rice or quinoa
Homemade egg or tofu and vegetable fried rice with turmeric
Bean chili with turmeric
Small salmon steak with balsamic drizzled over vegetables
Kimchi and rice or rice noodles

Bedtime snack:
Dark chocolate dipped strawberries
Frozen yogurt
Dried fruit
Sliced bananas fried in coconut oil and sprinkled with cinnamon
Fruit salad
Oil popped popcorn
Cinnamon toasted almonds
Tart cherry juice “shot” (can dilute with water if too tart)