Another “bomb cyclone” is about to soak the West Coast

SPOKANE, Wash.– It’s the bomb cyclone, round two.

Just a couple of days after a different bomb cyclone sideswiped the northwest, another one will swing even closer to Western Washington on Sunday. Luckily, it will weaken before coming on shore in Canada on Monday, but high winds are forecast up and down the Pacific Coast.

a second bomb cyclone will linger off the coast of Washington on Sunday

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A bomb cyclone is just another name for a rapidly strengthening storm system. The word “bomb” refers to the rapid drop in pressure. The lower the pressure, the stronger the storm is and the stronger the winds around the storm become.

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Places like Aberdeen and Bellingham in Washington along with coastal Oregon will see 50 mph wind gusts. Right on the Pacific in Washington and Oregon winds will gust as high as 60 mph. High winds are also forecast for parts of inland Oregon and the Blue Mountains in Oregon and Washington.

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This storm will also bring some of the heaviest rain so far this season from Northern California all the way to British Columbia. A Flash Flood Watch is in effect for almost all of Northern California since that region will get the brunt of the rain. Many places north of Sacramento could see four or five inches from this one storm!

Snow levels in the Cascades and Sierra will be 5000 to 6000 feet, with over a foot of accumulation likely above the snow line.