Another 2 inches of snow expected to fall in Spokane Thursday – Mark

According to the National Weather Service, another two inches of snow is expected to fall in Spokane Thursday afternoon.

Here’s a look at how the rest of your day will play out:

Thu Rest Of

Your 4 Things to Know include:

  • Light snow showers
  • Single digit temperatures tonight
  • Sub-zero temperatures start Saturday
  • Warmer temperatures next week

Thu Mid 4 Things

Highs today will be in the low 20s and upper teens for the Inland Northwest.

Thu Highs

Tonight’s lows will be in the single digits.

Thu Night

Friday is expected to be even colder, with highs in the lower teens.

Thu Fri Hi

Tonight will be cloudy and cold with a partly cloudy Friday.

Saturday will start bitter cold and warm to 17 degrees.

Next week will be warmer with back to average temperatures expected.

Thu Planning 7 Day