Anita Hill says she could vote for Biden if he becomes Dem nominee

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Anita Hill will chair the Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace, created by executives in the media and entertainment industries.

Anita Hill said Thursday that she could vote for former Vice President Joe Biden should he become the Democratic presidential nominee.

“Of course I could (vote for Biden),” Hill told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell in a clip of an interview that aired Thursday evening on “Nightly News.”

In the interview, which NBC said was Hill’s first on-air interview since Biden announced his candidacy in April, she also cast doubt on the impact of her criticism of Biden for his handling of her hearing when he was Senate Judiciary Committee chairman in 1991. In that hearing, Hill faced intense and probing questioning about her sexual harassment accusations against then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas from the panel of senators.

“I’m not even sure that anything I’ve said has actually hurt Joe Biden’s campaign. He still is leading in the polls against Donald Trump and really all of the other candidates on the Democratic ticket,” Hill said.

The comments come nearly two months after Hill and Biden had a phone conversation in which he expressed regret over what had transpired during the hearings, according to Hill.

Following the call, Hill declined in an interview with The New York Times to call the conversation an apology and said she thinks Biden failed to grasp the damage the hearing had done to her life.