Animal rescuers urge you to adopt, not shop

Animal rescuers urge you to adopt, not shop

Following the discovery of an illegal dog breeding operation in Stevens County, an important question is being asked: How do you avoid buying pets from an illegal breeder?

The biggest piece of advice many animal rescuers will tell you is to adopt, not shop. That way there’s really no chance of your money going into the picket of someone operating an illegal puppy mill; those people are more concerned about raising profits than the welfare of the animals they are raising.

If you do find a dog that’s a perfect match for your family and it’s not in a shelter, there are steps you can take to make sure it was raised humanely.

Find a responsible breeder and visit their website. See where the dog and its parents were raised, and if it’s a healthy environment, the breeder should be proud to show you.

Avoid buying a puppy from a pet store, unless you can verify that the animals come from local animal shelters. The Humane Society says many pet stores do sell puppy mill dogs.

Also, don’t buy into promises that the puppies are home raised or family raised. Many puppy millers pose as small family breeders online and in newspaper ads.

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