Andrew Luck takes out a full-page ad to thank fans one last time

Andrew Luck is retiring from football, but he couldn’t leave the Indianapolis Colts without bidding the fans a proper farewell.

The 29-year-old quarterback took out a full-page ad in the Indianapolis Star’s Sunday paper to thank fans for their support after he announced he’d quit the game last week.

“Thank you for an incredible eight years,” he wrote. “For welcoming me with open arms. For helping me grow on and off the field. For helping (Luck’s wife) Nicole and I make Indiana our home. And for showing us the true meaning of Hoosier hospitality.”

“It has been the honor of my lifetime to represent the Colts and the city of Indianapolis on the world’s stage,” he said. “I can’t wait to see our team take the field and continue the journey.”

“I’m proud to be a Midwesterner, a Hoosier, and a Colt.”

His decision came after a four-year cycle of “injury, pain, rehab,” he told reporters last week. Luck, a first pick in the 2012 draft and four-time Pro Bowl QB, said the “unceasing” pain forced him out of the game.

News of his retirement spread last week while he sat on the sidelines of a preseason game against the Chicago Bears. Fans booed him off the field.

But the Colts got to work, and within one day of Luck’s announcement, the team announced they’d selected backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett as their new starter. Brissett filled in for Luck during the 2017 season while he was out recovering from shoulder surgery.