An inside look at the new Pavilion

People in Spokane have been eagerly waiting for the Pavilion construction to wrap up, and it looks like crews are well on their way to having it complete.

“It’s an awesome time for us in Parks and Recreation,” said Garrett Jones, Acting Director for Spokane Parks and Recreation.

It’s been five years in the making, if you don’t count the 40 years before that.

“There was zero landscaping in the existing Pavilion. It was very dark and run down as well, said Jones.

This iconic landmark was originally built for Expo ’74 and hadn’t really been touched since. The voter-approved bond in 2014 set the stage for the big change.

Of the $64 million approved, $24 million would go towards revamping the Pavilion.

“Right here gives you a great view of what the Pavilion looks like today,” said Jones.

The main focus is to provide a space for people to attend events, whether it be Hoopfest, a summer concert series, or an outdoor film festival.

“What we wanted was for it to be a community gathering place,” said Jones.

All while showcasing the natural beauty that Spokane has to offer.

“Now we’re able to highlight this section of the river. This gives a great view of this flex floor underneath us and our terrace seating on either side,” said Jones.

It’s a way of holding onto Spokane’s history while creating something new, 45 years after it changed Spokane’s skyline for the first time.

“It’s something that the citizens will be proud of for generations to come,” Jones said.

The Pavilion is slated to open by late summer or early fall of this year.