Amid mess, fall storm brings South Hill homeowners together

Amid mess, fall storm brings South Hill homeowners together
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Homeowners in one South Hill neighborhood didn’t let the mess they woke up to ruin their Wednesday morning.

In fact, downed power lines, trees and and freezing temperatures actually brought neighbors together.

“I live whith a man who loves to be prepared so we can be in that house without heat for a long time and he’s got his battery powered chainsaw he’s really excited to use that,” said Kelly Pearson.

Pearson has lived in Spokane for 30 years, but she says she’s rarely ever seen damage like what Tuesday night’s storm caused.

About six or seven trees fell around Pearson’s home, she says.

“It’s hard you know I’m one of those people that go out and hug their trees,” said Pearson. “You know, those people you hear about, and I feel sad for them but they’re old!”

But even with the heartache over her lost trees, Pearson says times like these create some of her favorite memories.

It was the same a few blocks down.

“All the neighbors joined together. Whether you’re fully employed, part-time employee, a student or retired, and we just went after it and got it done in about two hours,” said Norm Brown, a resident in Spokane’s Comstock neighborhood.

Brown says they couldn’t even see the road when they woke up. He also says they’ve been without power since midnight.

Still, he’s just happy everyone is safe.