Americans studying abroad in Italy attempt to cook pasta without water

Green noodle couscous toss with spicy peanut dressing Moore
Eating before others have received their food: In Italy, pasta is meant to be consumed hot and fresh, so don't bother waiting for others to get their food, just dig in!

Three Americans studying abroad in Italy set fire to their stove after attempting to cook pasta without water.

UPI reports the three 20-year-old women put the pasta directly in the pot without water and lit the stove. The pasta caught on fire within minutes and firefighters were called to extinguish the flames.

After hearing about the incident, chef Fabio Picchi offered the women four hours of Italian cooking lessons at one of his restaurants.

“They will have lunch in our restaurant with two of my extraordinary cooks,” Picchi said. “They will teach them the simple basics that are very good if done well. I think this can be useful to them, but also to us. Understanding is what is beautiful and necessary.”