Americans could get second round of stimulus checks

Across the country, more than 26 million people are still relying on unemployment benefits, even six months into the pandemic.

That financial strain is being felt here at home, as well. Many businesses in Washington were forced to close their doors, leaving thousands without work. But, relief could be on the way for millions of Americans in the form of a second stimulus check.

Talks surrounding a new relief bill have stalled for several months, with Democrats and Republicans refusing to budge. Now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’s confident a new, smaller bill will get support from both sides.

When House Democrats passed the Heroes Act in May, Senate Republicans called the $3.4 trillion package dead-on-arrival.

Now, months later, Democrats are preparing to introduce a new relief bill with a smaller price tag.

“I’d rather have a deal that puts money in peoples’ pockets than to have a rhetorical argument,” said Pelosi.

This new $2.4 trillion relief package includes another round of stimulus checks, something Republicans and the President have supported in the past.

“I trust Secretary Mnuchin to represent something that can reach a solution and I believe we can come to an agreement,” said Pelosi.

Millions of Americans are in desperate need.

A new poll from NPR and the Harvard School of Public Health found that 33-percent of surveyed Americans said they used up most or all of their savings. One out of every six households skipped paying major bills, just so they could put food on the table.

Around the country, initial jobless claims rose to 870,000 last week.

Here in Washington, there were 20,000 claims—roughly 1,100 of them in Spokane County.

Democrats could vote on their new relief bill as soon as next week; it just needs to pass in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Lawmakers are scheduled to go on recess October 10 until after the election, and with that, there is growing pressure for them to stay in session if they cannot reach a deal.

The first round of stimulus checks were sent in April, but nearly 9 million Americans still have not received theirs because the IRS does not have their information. These people have until October 15 to claim their check, which can be done here.