American Legion leads drivers through Spokane cemetery for Memorial Day

Memorial Day at Fairmount Memorial Park

SPOKANE, Wash. — The pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of life. It’s also changed the way we celebrate loved ones, but it doesn’t mean we can’t. Especially on days like Memorial Day.

At the Fairmount Memorial Park, families came to see those they’ve lost.

“Well we’re here at Fairmount to look at — visit my parents and my grandparents grave sites,” said David Cromer.

His father was in the Air Force. His wife’s father was also in the military.

“My father was in the Navy in the Korean War time and he was on a transport ship,” said Diane Cromer. “He was always telling stories of transporting our men over to Korea.”

They’ve both been coming to the cemetery for a few years. A couple years ago, they realized ceremonies were held on Memorial Day.

“And it was really cool to see that, especially since we weren’t planning to be here for it,” Diane said. “It was a real joy to watch that.”

This year, there were no speakers or music. Instead, there were motorcycle engines.

The American Legion of Spokane led a drive-thru ceremony through the park grounds. Behind them were cars with people either looking at the 3,800 American flags or waving small ones.

“I think it’s pretty neat that they come out and support,” Diane said. “And a lot of those people that are riding with that are veterans, and that’s a big part of it.”

Many people stayed in their cars. Other walked around to reflect or place flowers on grave sites. Up in the sky — planes from Felts Field flying over the park.

“I mean, it’s remembering your parents or your siblings or whoever it is that passed,” David said. “We remember them, what they did and how they lived.”

Though the military men and women are gone, they’re not forgotten.

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