America Strong: The ICU nurses at Spokane’s Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center

SPOKANE, Wash – Because of an exclusive 4 News Now special report this week, thousands of people across the country have now heard the stories of ICU nurses at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. Between their heart-wrenching tales and commitment to patient care, it’s clear the nurses are the epitome of ABC’s new brand “America Strong.”

ABC News launched the America Strong project this week. The project showcases the strength and resilience of Americans and American businesses, even as a pandemic continues.

“We cannot allow the heaviness of these times to overshadow the selfless spirit that drives so many Americans,” said David Muir, anchor and managing editor of “World News Tonight with David Muir.” “It is their resilience and their quiet acts of kindness that remind us what’s truly possible. Their stories are a gift.”

FULL STORY: Inside the ICU: An exclusive look inside Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center’s intensive care unit

4 News Now is committed to showcasing the stories of strength in our communities as well. Every night on 4 News Now at 6, you’ll see local America Strong stories.

This week, we can’t think of a better example than the nurses and caregivers featured in Robyn Nance’s special report Inside the ICU.

The story has since gone viral, with supportive messages coming in from across the country.

For 18 months, those caregivers have battled a pandemic and treated the sickest patients in our community.

“We’ve been overworked and it’s been a frustrating experience, that would probably be my biggest take on that last year and a half,” said ICU nurse Jeremy Mullavy. “It’s been extremely frustrating.”

Still, they come work, suit up in PPE and sometimes work 16-hour shifts to try and save lives.

“We’re trying to do the same thing now with less staff than ever before and still give everyone the care they deserve,” said ICU nurse Emily Crews.

Watching them work, it was impossible not to be touched by the care they give to each patient, even those with little chance of survival. The ICU nurses lean on their training, their faith and each other to get them through each grueling day.

“You’re there for families at the hardest point and you’re that bridge for them to either get to say goodbye to their loved ones or be a part of that. and, it’s an honor, it’s a blessing.. and it’s heart-wrenching.. all rolled into one,” said nurse Eric Custer.

Their reliance on each other shines through as well.

“We have such a good team,” said nurse Emily Crews. “No one could do this job if you didn’t work with such wonderful people.”

The ICU nurses across the country – and, at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center – are America Strong.

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