America Strong: Spokane man brings the joy of a hot meal to anyone in need

SPOKANE, Wash. — Larry Barringer lives in West Central Spokane, but drives the miles to volunteer his time at Spokane Valley Family Services and Food Bank. 

In a time when people need a little help, Barringer is there. 

He likes to say hunger and thirst never take a day off. So neither does he. 

“We did 400 sack lunches for 29 weeks in a row when COVID first started,” Barringer said. “Just drove around giving them to homeless people.” 

While volunteering at Valley Partners, he founded the organization “Neighbors Feeding Neighbors.” 

“I got with Valley Partners here and they let me join their non-profit status and we started making meals,” Barringer said. 

Barringer is a grandfather of 18 and great-grandfather of 14. He is the perfect example of how to make a difference in people’s lives by meeting them with their basic needs. 

“I just love giving back to my community,” he said. “We do a meal once a month on the second Saturday. I have members of the Spokane Chinese Society, high school students from Lewis and Clark and Ferris that started helping us do those lunches.”

Barringer wants to make sure that the elderly, the homeless, those dealing with physical challenges, all have food on the table. He knows where he came from – it’s part of his motivation to make our community better. 

“I had food insecurity as a child and there wasn’t a lot of ways to combat that,” Barringer said. 

He doesn’t want anyone to go hungry because of money. 

“So these people on the street, they’re hungry, they’re thirsty and we don’t judge there, we just feed them and be where they are,” he said. 

Everyone knows the simple joy of a nice, hot meal and Barringer doesn’t want anyone to miss out on that. 

“When we gave out spaghetti dinners a couple weeks ago, it was amazing. One lady took and ‘Wow that’s hot, that’s real food!’ you know? That’s why I do it,” he said. 

Barringer will be serving hot meals on Saturday at Valley Partners and he readily admits, he couldn’t do it without a lot of help. 

On Thursday, 4 News Now will introduce you to a woman who saw what Barringer is doing and said “I’ll donate 350 meals.” 

Barringer is what we call “America Strong.” He’s someone making a difference in other people’s lives. Do you know some who exemplifies America Strong? Tell us about them below. 

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