America Strong: Local artists decorate red kettles to help Coeur d’Alene’s Kroc Center

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — It is a new-ish twist on a Christmas classic: giving a whole new look to the traditional Salvation Army red kettle. 

Christina Hull is a professional artist and youth art instructor at the Kroc Center in Coeur d’Alene. 

“This will technically be my fourth kettle if you count a little mini one I did one year,” Hull said. “So, I use acrylic paint. That’s what I use as an artist so that’s what I’m using on my kettle, as well.”

For the past three years, Hull and several other local artists took the traditional kettles and gave them a whole new dimension. It’s not only to catch your eye, but also your heart. 

The donations support programs at the Kroc Center and help people in the community. 

“We have helped a lot of people that need a place to stay or they need gas money or they’re just down on their luck. They need prescriptions filled because they aren’t working,” said Kettle Administrator Sandee Riggs. 

The pandemic has been tough, but the community has responded. 

“People last year were even more generous than they’ve ever been for us,” Riggs said. 

This year’s theme is “Hope Marches On.” 

“To me, the ultimate sign, the ultimate beacon of hope for all of humanity was Jesus’ birth,” Hull said. “So, I’m going to be doing a nativity scene this year.”

The decorated kettles will also be auctioned off this year. 

Hull has not only given her talent, but also her time to the community. That is why she is “America Strong.” 

If you would like to see the decorated kettles and bid for one yourself, join the Kroc Center’s “Flannel Fest” virtually on November 4. 

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