America Strong: ‘Make the world a better place’: Students collect socks to help the homeless this winter

SPOKANE, Wash. — As winter rolls around, the kids at Spokane International Academy are worried about people who may not have what they need to stay warm. To make a difference, they’re gathering socks during “Socktober” to help the homeless.

“I think that we can make the world a better place,” said Noe Garcia.

He is a third-grader on a mission to serve others– one sock at a time.

Homeless shelters always need socks, but they’re an item often missed when people donate. That’s why students at the academy are gathering them during their month-long fundraiser.

“We try to collect socks, blankets, all that warm stuff,” Garcia added.

The third-graders set a hefty goal to collect 1,000 pairs by the end of October. Sabrina Storro wants all her students to focus on serving others and helping how they can.

“We use it for civics and just how to make the community better and how they can make their community better,” Storro, Garcia’s third-grade teacher, said.

At only eight years old, Garcia’s learning the importance of sharing and caring for everyone.

“Even I have tons of socks, so we can maybe give a few pairs to them,” he said. “Everybody can be treated fairly in life.”

As he counts up socks, he’s hoping others will join him and his classmates on a mission to keep everyone warm this winter.

“I think we can make the world a better place. I think it’s time to help the homeless, so I hope that we get some donations,” Garcia said.

You can drop off socks, coats, blankets, or personal hygiene items at the Spokane International Academy. They’ll deliver everything they gather at the end of October.

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