America Strong: Local YouTuber uses platform to raise money for Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.– A successful Spokane area YouTuber is using his platform to help the community.

Lucas, also known as Ghoulz to his subscribers, usually makes family-friendly Fortnite content for his 1.7 million followers.

On Tuesday, he dropped a 10-minute video that he hopes will help him raise $50,000 for Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. The funds will help kids with their medical bills or technology to make hospital expenses better.

“Most of my audience is children, and so that’s just my target audience, and so It kind of felt right for me to give back to them because they have just changed my life from supporting me,” Lucas said.

You don’t have to donate to help Lucas reach his goal. All you need to do is watch the 10-minute video.

“It honestly would mean a lot for everybody to come together and share this video so we can generate as much money so we can change these children’s lives as much as possible.”

Lucas partnered with other popular Fortnite content creators to make it. He put 200 hours into creating it.

It’s his first time doing a fundraiser like this and he hopes it inspired others. He sees his platform as a way to help his community.

“I feel like God has given me this opportunity to be a light in such a dark business This business is really dark, and a lot of evil people and so I feel like I’ve just been so here for the light and being able to help and change people’s lives as much as I can.”

Watch Lucas’ video here.

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