America Strong: Local man and his dog roam N. Spokane picking up trash

SPOKANE, Wash. — Dave Ferse has spent the last five years walking the streets of his neighborhood, picking up garbage. 

He quickly learned collecting trash required some heavy lifting. Luckily, he now has some help. 

“Recently, we got Max and decided I wanted to have him help me. He’s got a better back than I have,” Ferse said. 

Max is Ferse’s beloved dog. Together, they have picked up thousands of pounds of garbage around North Spokane. 

Max carries bins that get loaded up with everything from clothes and cans to $20 bills. 

Ferse said what started as a weekly task has become an everyday activity for the two of them.

It’s an activity that makes a difference in the Spokane community and makes them America Strong. 


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