America Strong: Local brewery and bakery lands in national spotlight

SPOKANE, Wash. — A local worker and farmer-owned cooperative is getting some local and national attention for the resilience its shown over the past 18 months.

We’re talking about The Grain Shed and how it’s making the region proud.

It all started as a conglomeration of three different groups that had three different dreams: baked goods, brews and locally sourced grains.

Part Owner of The Grain Shed Teddy Benson said the synergy was clear. After a lot of talking, the business’s founders decided to make their dreams become a reality, together.

For the people who work there, it is not just any bakery/brewery, either.

“We have a deep belief we want to provide legitimate, long-term jobs for people that work here,” Benson explained.

They built their business around this value, becoming a worker and farmer owner cooperative.

“That also builds more loyalty and a deeper tie to the business. You’re not just focused on showing up on your day, working your day, and going home, it helps people be more vested in the overall success of the business,” Benson told us.

They’re doing things differently and Forbes took notice. They’ve also been highlighted as one of the best bakeries in the county by the Food Network.

“It’s always interesting when things like this happen. It’s really humbling,” Benson said.

Dr. Lisa Brown with the Washington State Commerce even tweeted the shop a shoutout for its feature in Forbes.

Now, they’re just grateful for the community support they’ve had during such trying times.

“We really were floated by our community. That’s the reason we’re still here,” Benson said earnestly.

As for the future of their business, they’re remaining true to their values.

“We work with farmers that we know are growing ethically, are processing ethically, but also being able to source grains directly from the Palouse allows us to reduce the carbon footprint for transfer of goods,” explained Benson.

They’re focused on taking care of their people and taking care of our planet.

“We are what we are. We’re a bakery, we’re a brewery, and we make some incredible food.”

The Grain Shed is open every day except Tuesday.

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