America Strong: Couple turns food truck into brick and mortar shop

SPOKANE, Wash. — Many people dream of being their own boss, owning a business and doing what they love. 

There is a risk to starting a business, especially during a pandemic, when many places have closed their doors. But it’s people who are willing to take that risk who are helping to make America strong. 

Alyssa Agee and her husband like to start their day off with a good breakfast, primarily waffles, made with her grandma’s recipe. 

The magical properties of her grandmother’s waffles sparked a dream. 

People’s Waffle started out as a food truck in August 2020, but then, in the midst of the pandemic, a storefront in the heart of downtown Spokane became available. 

“We decided to take a leap of faith,” Agee said. 

People’s Waffle shifted gears from a food truck to a cozy corner, serving grandma’s waffles for breakfast and lunch. 

“Making waffles in Spokane winter weather in a truck is not very much fun,” Agee said. 

It was a risky move, and when the shop opened in April, they were limited to 25 percent seating. 

“While that was hard for us revenue-wise, it was a great opportunity to learn well,” Agee said. “People’s Waffle…I wanted a place for everyone and it felt appropriate to name it for the people.” 

A risk taken, a dream brought to life, America strong. 

“We’ve certainly had our challenges. Hasn’t everyone? But Spokane has been very loving to us and we appreciate that,” Agee said. 

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