America Strong: Apartment manager works to house seniors

SPOKANE, Wash. — One local apartment manager works to keep seniors housed and happy at the Winchester apartments by making sure the tenants’ needs are met.

This includes Sandra White. She is one of 128 people who live in the complex. She told 4 News Now her community manager Karen Miller is America Strong.

White sees Miller as a sister who always makes sure everyone living at Winchester Court has access to food, clothing and important resources.

“She makes sure that people here have a bath chair or a wheelchair or any kind of medical supply they need as far as equipment goes,” White said. “She has it in her heart to serve and protect all the way.”

Another vital need is a home.

Miller said the most rewarding part of her job is helping seniors find housing.

“Finding a place to live that is affordable is very difficult today and it is so rewarding to me to give seniors that need housing,” Miller said.

This December, Miller will celebrate 10 years as being the community manager of Winchester Court.

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