America Strong: Albertsons courtesy clerk brings smiles to Spokane customers

SPOKANE, Wash. — Each day, thousands of shoppers go through the doors of the northeast Spokane Albertsons. 

If you’re one of them, you’ve probably encountered Tim Burkhardt. He’s worked as a courtesy clerk there for more than a decade, bagging groceries, helping customers and retrieving shopping carts from the parking lot. 

Burkhardt is part of the Supported Employment Program at the Arc of Spokane, which matches people with developmental disabilities to jobs that fit their abilities. 

“Being around customers and helping them out to their cars and being around coworkers. I couldn’t really be doing anything else,” Burkhardt said. “I started back in 2009 and took off from there, and just stuck with it. I have to keep things cleaned up around here, you know?”

Burkhardt’s supervisor says he keeps the mood light and is willing to take on extra tasks to help the team.

“He’s got a consistently good attitude. If I need a project done, he’s Johnny-on-the-spot. He keeps spirits up when we’re tired,” said Holly Bergman.

For that, Burkhardt is “America Strong.” 

4 News Now is celebrating the people who go the extra mile and who work to make our community better. Do you know someone who exemplifies America Strong? 

Tell us about them below. 

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