Alleged Walmart truck thief pleads not guilty

Alleged Walmart truck thief pleads not guilty

The man accused of stealing a Walmart truck and leading police and sheriff’s deputies on a wild chase through Spokane faced a judge Tuesday morning, entering a series of not guilty pleas.

Detectives still don’t know who he was working with that day, but suspect the unique getaway car may reveal that person’s identity.

Daren Suiter allegedly stole an entire trailer full of merchandise from the Airway Heights Walmart. But instead of trying to unload his loot on the wide open West Plains, Suiter drove back into a residential neighborhood where his suspicious behavior was quickly noticed.

Residents say they also saw Suiter and another man loading merchandise out of the stolen trailer in a waiting white pickup truck, but that second suspect is still at large.

Suiter is refusing to identify his accomplice to detectives, but the spot where Suiter drove the semi, just east of Felts Field, may be an important clue.

“The odds that these people are familiar with that [Felts Field] area are pretty high,” said Deputy Craig Chamberlin with the Spokane Valley Police Department

Keeping that in mind, detectives want you to know more about the pickup and the man Suiter was relying on to haul away the stolen loot.

“It’s pretty unique,” said Deputy Chamberlin. “The vehicle the suspect was in was a late 60s, early 70s, white primer Dodge two door pickup. The make who was driving was in his early 40s, with a salt & pepper style beard.”

Tuesday, Suiter entered a total of nine not guilty pleas related to the pursuit and elected not to challenge his $250,000 bond.

Suiter is prepared to keep quiet and take the rap on his own, but unaware he’s exposed himself to another prison term for a trailer-full of rejected merchandise.

“I don’t know if this individual knows this, but the trailer he took was full of returned merchandise versus other trailers that obviously had brand new merchandise in them,” said Deputy Chamberlin.

Now that Suiter’s bond will likely remain at a $250,000 until his trial, it’s unlikely he’ll be getting out. Detectives are hoping that will prompt people in the know to come forward with more information about the 18 wheel heist.